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Medical Information


This form MUST be completed byboth the participant and parent or guardian or the sponsor. Otherwise,the participant will not be permitted to take part in the activity. The participant’s safety is our priority therefore Team Nigeria UK (TNUK) and Southampton FC (SFC). reserve the rightto withdraw any participant from the event on medical grounds at any time. Data collected of your ward shall be treated with absolute confidentiality


I being the parent/guardian/sponsor/of the above-namedparticipantdeclare that my ward is fully fit to participate in the activityorganised by Team Nigeria UK (TNUK) and Southampton FC (SFC). In the event of any injury sustained whilst taking part in the activityduring the period, I agree that neither TNUKnor SFChasany liability or responsibility other than providing emergencyfirst-aid treatment as deemed necessary by the medical staff. This treatment will cease at the end of his/her engagement with the activity. I accept that the information provided in this form may be shared with the SFC in order to create a statistical record or future promotions related to TNUK/SFC activities.Photos taken and video recordings of my ward during the activitymay be used in the dissemination of the activity.