About Our Organization




Southampton FC combine years of experience in Learning & Development with pioneering methods honed in one of the world’s most competitive environments. It is this unique experience and expertise that enables the learning programme to deliver work across diverse sectors, helping people from all walks of life – from apprentices to corporate leaders – further their careers and raise their performance to a higher level. Created by sports psychologists in our world-leading Academy, our 4A Elite Development Model creates a mindset for continual learning and growth and sustained high performance. With our bespoke courses, programmes, and consultancy, there is a package to fit individual and specific goals. Each hybrid module combination drives our 4A elite learning model, and is delivered by a team dedicated to each individual’s personal improvement targets

From a tune-up in a specific area, to a complete career overhaul– the E-learning program consists of a selection of modules, courses, apprenticeships and qualifications to suit your development needs.

Meticulous mentoring: Blessed with a vast team of highly qualified sports psychologists, facilitators, coaches, and mentors, SFC finest are on hand to guide individuals through their training. By mapping out people’s strengths and weaknesses, their aspirations, and goals– it provides a methodical approach to turn potential into excellence for anyone we work with. We provide training to reach the industry-recognized standards that enable ambitious, determined people to push on with their lives and careers through a suite of formally recognized and accredited qualifications

Our range of accredited Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and e-learning qualifications provide certainty and belief in the abilities of those who achieve them. Our courses are designed to fit around participants’ busy schedules, with expert-led training to bridge the gap between career ambition and career progression.

A multi-faceted approach to long-term learning creates a more complete strategy for high-performance business. Working with organizations to build programs that create meaningful learning that can optimize Learning & Development budget or Levy funding. 



A Public Health Awareness programme delivered by Southampton FC Foundation for parents, families and the community. Participants can participate in live webinars and face-2-face workshops on topics like

Identification, management, treatment and therapies